Advantages of Using Numbing Cream for Tattooing

Advantages of Using Numbing Cream for Tattooing

Advantages of Using Numbing Cream for Tattooing

No Pain:

One of the striking benefits of using numbing cream is that it dulls pain. It not only benefits you, but also let a tattoo artist do the work with more concentration.

A Freedom to Get Tattoo Anywhere Across the Body:

Some body parts are most painful to tattooing due to their boney surface and the presence of nerve endings, for example, ankle, foot and shoulder. You may drop the idea of getting tattoo on such parts. Don’t worry. Numbing cream allows you get a tattoo anywhere on the body without fearing from pain.

Great for Longer Tattoo Session:

Generally, a numbing cream like TKTX Numbing Cream can keep your skin numbed for up to 3 hours. It is useful if you have to undergo a long tattooing process lasted for hours.

How to Choose the Best Numbing Cream for Tattoos?

Not all numbing creams are the same. Some are so mild that they can’t efficiently dull the skin for tattooing. Therefore, you should consider the factors while choosing a topical anesthetic for tattooing. Here’s how…

Lidocaine Based Creams are Most Effective:

Always choose a numbing cream that contains 7% lidocaine. Lidocaine is the strongest numbing agent and dulls your skin efficiently for 3 hours.

Choose Water Based Cream:

This is because water based creams don’t interact with ink, unlike oil based creams. As an added bonus, you can wipe off them easily.

Choose the Right Brand:

Make sure to purchase the cream after going through its reviews or feedback given online or from people.

pH Value Should Be Less Than 7:

Always choose a numbing cream that has lower pH value than 7. High pH value means more alkaline agents that can affect the pigments of the tattoo’s color as they change the surface properties of the skin.
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